Advantages in participating selection artfair 2017
Our lean organisation allows booth prices with excellent value for money. After the successful artfairs in Moscow 2007 and 2008 and since 2009 in Basel, selection will enhance the profitability of their participants with another edition in Moscow end of the year. The ultimate place to be, where galleries want to go right now, is Basel. Only a maximum of ten handpicked leading galleries can profit from the strategically ideal located Basel Art Center. The location is only 350 meters from the Art Basel or five minutes walk away. The Basel based organiser can profit from a long-term experience in organising events in the region and an own PR and advertisement department. In cooperation with Monro Fine Logistics all shipping and custom services are provided for the exhibitors. Custom clearing is for participants for free. A multilingual sales team is permanent on site.

The last selection Basel was appreciated for the variety of galleries, the quality of the exhibits and the concentrated performance by relevant collectors, art lovers and experts. In cooperation with an international expert team and art clubs selection plays a role for sophisticated international art clientele as the perfect platform for information and intermediation of art.

Eight points why it’s the right decision to join selection artfair:
  1. Participants profits from an international Network of Collectors in two cities
  2. selection artfair is a great opportunity to gain access and to remain present in the global art market
  3. A participation is possible for an affordable prize and a good value for money
  4. selection artfair takes place in a very preferred location – the Basel Art Center, only 350m from Art Basel
  5. The organiser is a Basel based management company with an excellent knowledge about the local conditions. The professional PR and advertisement department will launch an striking publicity campaign
  6. selection artfair allocate a multilingual sales and mantling team
  7. selection offers a personal and unrivalled atmosphere
  8. selection takes care in collaboration with Monro Fine Logistics about all shipping and custom questions. Custom clearing is free for participants as well as a free shipping to the booth from the border. A unique treasury service store and deliver artworks after the fair

Booth Sample